Lori gave us the confidence to take Sonny everywhere

Sonny babyCindy, Steven and Sonny Howard, Boca Raton, FL

We got our yellow Labrador puppy, Sonny, at 8 weeks of age. I had broken my toe and my husband thought a puppy would be a good companion for me while I recuperated. Little did we know that my toe would need surgery and external fixator pins and that I would be in bed for days convalescing. We met Lori (who was highly recommended by our vet Dr. Turkell at Calusa Veterinary Center in Boca) and were impressed with her training skills and personable nature. We asked her to not only help us train our puppy, but look after me also.

Lori became my personal assistant, nursemaid, chauffeur and Sonny’s full time dog nanny for a period of 4 months. She continued on part-time for another 6 months. Sonny loved her and flourished. He only chewed two items in our entire house (he got to them when we weren’t supervising him) and only had a handful of potty accidents. Because of Lori’s guidance, Sonny loves to go to the dog park (I was a nervous wreck our first few visits – Sonny was fine!) and beach and is always making friends. He quickly learned the basic skills and Lori taught us how to replicate everything on our own. Sonny is now 2 years old and is happy and well-adjusted. He loves his crate and will sit and “shake” on command (amongst many other commands).  I credit Lori with his amazing social skills and lack of anxiety, as she gave us the confidence to take him everywhere during the critical socialization period during his young life. We are lifelong friends and love “Lor-Lor” – we recommend her highly!!