I’m very happy with Lori Hill

Colleen Barry and Lefty, West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Dog TrainingI have a 5 year old spoiled rotten Olde English Bulldog named Lefty. Over the years he has developed some bad habits i.e. jumping on guests who enter my home, jealousy of small children or pretty much anyone who takes my full attention away from him. I decided to get an obedience assessment and that is when I found Lori Hill. When Lori arrived, Lefty demonstrated his typical greeting at the door. Lori immediately assessed this and suggested some practice activities to try. She also gave me suggestions of how to train my guests to not feed into Lefty’s negative behavior.

Lori picked up immediately that Lefty is a good dog but does have some behaviors that need to be worked on and that he is very food motivated. We reviewed several activities to establish a better relationship between us and we have been working on this weekly. We also discussed crate training and Lori provided me with some fantastic literature to utilize in crate training an older dog in the shortest time period possible.

Lori’s personality and gentle demeanor won over Lefty immediately and he wanted to please her as he does me. He even followed the “down” command immediately although we had been struggling with that one since he was a puppy.

We have been practicing his lessons regularly and Lori checks in on us periodically. I’m very happy with Lori Hill as a trainer / behavioral therapist for my stubborn dog.