Finding Lori has been a great experience!

Sonja Pezzelle and Nala, Lake Worth

Lake Worth Dog TrainingI rescued my dog Nala when she was 11 months old. I knew right away she and I both would need some guidance for her. She had great exuberance and intelligence but no concept of how to follow any directions from me. Finding Lori has been a great experience! She is a wonderful trainer. Her training method is geared towards working with Nala and the way her doggy mind operates. There is only positive and gentle reinforcement; no forcing of a behavior or punishment is involved. The lessons are very simple.

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Nala loves her and is eager to please when learning something new. I am also happy that I am a part of the training. Lori works very patiently with me and always emails the lessons as we learn them so that I can continue to practice with Nala daily. She’s helped me understand how to guide Nala to be a well behaved and happy pet. Just a walk around the neighborhood used to be virtually impossible because I would be struggling to control Nala while she tried to drag me this way and that way. Now we take long, pleasurable walks and visit area dog parks without a problem. Thank you Lori!!