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Success Stories

Finding Lori has been a great experience!

Sonja Pezzelle and Nala, Lake Worth

Lake Worth Dog TrainingI rescued my dog Nala when she was 11 months old. I knew right away she and I both would need some guidance for her. She had great exuberance and intelligence but no concept of how to follow any directions from me. Finding Lori has been a great experience! She is a wonderful trainer. Her training method is geared towards working with Nala and the way her doggy mind operates. There is only positive and gentle reinforcement; no forcing of a behavior or punishment is involved. The lessons are very simple.

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Nala loves her and is eager to please when learning something new. I am also happy that I am a part of the training. Lori works very patiently with me and always emails the lessons as we learn them so that I can continue to practice with Nala daily. She’s helped me understand how to guide Nala to be a well behaved and happy pet. Just a walk around the neighborhood used to be virtually impossible because I would be struggling to control Nala while she tried to drag me this way and that way. Now we take long, pleasurable walks and visit area dog parks without a problem. Thank you Lori!!

I can wholeheartedly recommend Lori!

Stephanie Bracken and Akela, Boca Raton

Dog Training Boca RatonAfter rescuing my husky mix Akela, we found she was reactive to other dogs. She usually responds by growling, barking, snapping, and lunging at them. We have been working with Lori to help her be less fearful and to tone down her extreme response to other dogs.

Lori is amazing! She is excellent at calmly assessing the situation, reading dogs’ body language, keeping everybody under control, and communicating how we humans should respond. She is also really good at giving us follow up instructions, so Akela and I can keep working while on our daily walks, even between official training sessions. The best part is that Lori only uses positive reinforcement–never punishment–and she is SO knowledgeable. You can really tell how much she loves animals.

Lori is also very reliable and trustworthy. I have absolutely no worries when I leave Akela in her care if I’m not around. And Akela, who is often indifferent to humans, LOVES Lori. She gets so excited whenever Lori comes over!! If anyone needs someone to work with their fur baby, I can wholeheartedly recommend Lori!.