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Success Stories

We are so happy with how far he has come…

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your help with Wiley. He has responded so well to the tricks and your knowledge and we are so thankful for your assistance and guidance. He is a very smart and confident dog and we are so happy with how far he has come since we got him. Wiley is still just a puppy but we really want to thank you again for all you’ve done for us.

I worked with Lori for five sessions to help train my puppy Wiley. He is very smart (read: very sneaky) and Lori really helped me understand how his mind works and what he needed from me in order to learn obedience. She also gave me invaluable tips for housetraining, crate training, and overall puppy well-being. She even got my older dog to learn a new trick. I can’t recommend Lori enough!

Rich K,
Delray Beach

We now walk around our complex and he is giving all of our neighbors high fives…

We picked up our little Staffordshire Bull Terrier at just 8 weeks old and as most bully breeds, our one concern was people being scared of him when he got older. We did some training research and were referred to Lori by our vet. We checked her out online and after reading some of the other success stories, we knew she was the one.

After just 6 personal training sessions, he now knows 8 commands and 1 trick! We now walk around our complex and he is giving all of our neighbors high fives! Everyone loves him so much and is beyond impressed on how much he has learned at such a young age all thanks to Lori! She is so flexible on her schedule and welcomes everyone with open arms. She is beyond caring and has a passion for what she does which makes a world of a difference in training.

We look forward to continuing our success with our puppy and turning him into a loving service dog under the training of Lori!”

Bobby Friscia & Christa Sperduto
Boynton Beach, Florida


BenjaminNaomi Freeman, Barry Tejeda and Benjamin, Boca Raton, FL

Lori was FANTASTIC with our 1 year old lab mix Benjamin. She gave great advice on how to walk him, greet guests when they enter the house and prevent jumping. I highly recommend her services! Thanks Lori!

Lori gave us the confidence to take Sonny everywhere

Sonny babyCindy, Steven and Sonny Howard, Boca Raton, FL

We got our yellow Labrador puppy, Sonny, at 8 weeks of age. I had broken my toe and my husband thought a puppy would be a good companion for me while I recuperated. Little did we know that my toe would need surgery and external fixator pins and that I would be in bed for days convalescing. We met Lori (who was highly recommended by our vet Dr. Turkell at Calusa Veterinary Center in Boca) and were impressed with her training skills and personable nature. We asked her to not only help us train our puppy, but look after me also.

Lori became my personal assistant, nursemaid, chauffeur and Sonny’s full time dog nanny for a period of 4 months. She continued on part-time for another 6 months. Sonny loved her and flourished. He only chewed two items in our entire house (he got to them when we weren’t supervising him) and only had a handful of potty accidents. Because of Lori’s guidance, Sonny loves to go to the dog park (I was a nervous wreck our first few visits – Sonny was fine!) and beach and is always making friends. He quickly learned the basic skills and Lori taught us how to replicate everything on our own. Sonny is now 2 years old and is happy and well-adjusted. He loves his crate and will sit and “shake” on command (amongst many other commands).  I credit Lori with his amazing social skills and lack of anxiety, as she gave us the confidence to take him everywhere during the critical socialization period during his young life. We are lifelong friends and love “Lor-Lor” – we recommend her highly!!

We love Lori!!

Debbie Golis and Schatzli, Boynton Beach

Schatzli Dog Training Boynton BeachI’ve known Lori for over 10 years and have taken many classes with her to learn beginner, intermediate and advanced skills. My dog Schatzli has learned good behaviors and a few new tricks. We love her!!

Look No Further for dog training

Tere Davidson and Roxie, Lake Worth

Lake Worth Dog TrainingMy loving boxer, Roxie, became overly protective and attacked a small dog in our neighborhood who approached me to say hello. Over the last year, Roxie’s behavior has improved with the help of Lori. Thankfully we found Lori and she is helping us both recover from the traumatic experience.

Lori kept me and my dog sane in the early months

Debra Rosen and Aura, Delray Beach

aura-pug-training-delray-beachI would like to let anyone that is looking for a dog trainer to look no further than Lori!! She trained my insane 4 month old pug, Aura, on a weekly basis and really was awesome!! I now have a well behaved crazy pug and if you know pugs well let’s just say they are a rare breed with a mind of their own!! Lori kept me and my dog sane in the early months…it was touch and go there in the beginning. I couldn’t have gotten through it without her!!!

Satisfied Parent of my Papillon

Shobha Ramatally and Sparky, Coral Springs

Sparky-Coral Springs Dog Training

My papillon Sparky was an extremely moody dog when it came to greeting guests at our home. He showed some aggressive tendencies when anyone visited, even to those who he had already met before.

After our first meeting I was extremely impressed. Lori showed me right away what I should do when guests are there and walked me through the process of greeting guests with him. After a few trial runs Sparky showed great improvement. Today he is much tamer when I have guests over. Thanks so much to Lori’s training. I highly recommend her.

I’m very happy with Lori Hill

Colleen Barry and Lefty, West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Dog TrainingI have a 5 year old spoiled rotten Olde English Bulldog named Lefty. Over the years he has developed some bad habits i.e. jumping on guests who enter my home, jealousy of small children or pretty much anyone who takes my full attention away from him. I decided to get an obedience assessment and that is when I found Lori Hill. When Lori arrived, Lefty demonstrated his typical greeting at the door. Lori immediately assessed this and suggested some practice activities to try. She also gave me suggestions of how to train my guests to not feed into Lefty’s negative behavior.

Lori picked up immediately that Lefty is a good dog but does have some behaviors that need to be worked on and that he is very food motivated. We reviewed several activities to establish a better relationship between us and we have been working on this weekly. We also discussed crate training and Lori provided me with some fantastic literature to utilize in crate training an older dog in the shortest time period possible.

Lori’s personality and gentle demeanor won over Lefty immediately and he wanted to please her as he does me. He even followed the “down” command immediately although we had been struggling with that one since he was a puppy.

We have been practicing his lessons regularly and Lori checks in on us periodically. I’m very happy with Lori Hill as a trainer / behavioral therapist for my stubborn dog.

Lori was available immediately to help us!

Chris, Tom and Cooper Klemm, Delray Beach

She brought so many things into the light for us! She listens, then assesses the situation, and offers her expert advice. We learned so much in our initial consultation with Lori, and we are looking forward to our next lesson!

Our boy Cooper was quite comfortable with her too!! It means a lot when you can trust someone with your precious pup’s livelihood! Lori is definitely knowledgable and gave us spot-on advice!”