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Dog Training Programs

group Dog Training Delray Beach FloridaAll my programs are customizable (because no two dogs are exactly the same) and come with free training treats, walking harness/halter, and written homework instructions.
All of the private in-home programs can be substituted for a “Board and Train” program (where your dog comes to stay with me and I train your dog FOR you, saving you a ton of time and effort!), as a customized upgrade.

Well-Mannered Dog Program

The program for training a dog that will listen to you and will be a fun, well-mannered companion. We give you the skills to mold your dog into a great family pet who understands the basic commands and behaviors so you can enjoy having a dog even more!

10 Commands and Behaviors:
    • 6 Commands: Watch me, sit, come, stay, drop it and loose leash walking
    • 4 Behaviors: potty, chewing/mouthing, jumping, and barking
    • 6 Lessons: 4 private and 2 group sessions

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Amazing Dog Program

This is for the dog owners who want even more out of training their dog…greater reliability and advanced skills to be able to do do even more with your dog and know they’ll listen. This program includes extra group lessons to practice around other dogs (for distractions and to socialize!). The Amazing Dog is a buddy you can take into public with confidence.

16 Commands and Behaviors:
    • 10 Commands: All the Well-Mannered commands plus take it, leave it, down, and trick
    • 6 Behaviors: All the Well-Mannered behaviors plus crating and greeting/say hello
    • 10 Lessons: 6 private and 4 group sessions
Bonuses –
  • UNLIMITED access to me via text, phone or email for follow-up questions on the commands/behaviors learned. Good for the life of your dog.

Dream Dog Program

This is the program to create a Dream family companion who is a delight in all circumstances and obeys around heavy distractions. The more time spent with the trainer in this program allows you to get to your goals faster, with more reliability and with commands that will help in many more areas of everyday private and public life. The Dream Dog program is also good preparation for therapy dog status.

22 Commands and Behaviors:
    • 14 Commands: All the Amazing commands plus heel, go to bed, wait, stand
    • 8 Behaviors: All the Amazing behaviors plus off and check it out
    • 14 lessons: 8 private and 6 group sessions
Bonuses –
  • UNLIMITED access to me via text, phone or email for follow-up questions on ANY ISSUE your dog develops. Good for the life of your dog.

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